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Ser Conjugation

Welcome to our Ser Conjugation guide! Dive deep into the world of Spanish verbs and explore the conjugation of ‘Ser’ in all 16 major tenses. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our comprehensive resources offer verb practice, interactive games, and detailed verb charts to enhance your understanding and mastery of Spanish verb conjugations. If you’re interested in broadening your verb knowledge further, explore our Spanish verb conjugation page for a comprehensive overview.

Meaning(s): to be (permanent)

Ser - Present Tense

I am (permanent)

Ser - Imperfect Tense

I used to be (permanent)

Ser - Present Perfect

I have been (permanent)

Ser - Conditional

I would be (permanent)

Ser - Future

I will be (permanent)

Ser - Subjunctive

She hopes I am (permanent)