Ser Subjunctive Tense

Delve into the essence of being or existing with ser in the Subjunctive Tense, through rich resources and examples. Establish your understanding at our ser conjugation page and be more with our Spanish conjugation exploration.

Verb Meaning(s): to be (essential/permanent)

Verb Chart: Ser Subjunctive Tense



(So that) I am



(So that) we are

(Juana, Juan)


(So that) you are


(informal Spain)


(So that) you all are


(Sra./Dr. García)


(So that) he/she/you are



(So that) they/you all are

Ser Subjunctive Tense Practice

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Subjunctive Tense

Ser Subjunctive Sentence Examples

1. Es importante que yo sea puntual a todas mis citas.
It’s important that I be punctual to all my appointments.
2. Quiero que tú seas honesto cuando expreses tus sentimientos.
I want you to be honest when you express your feelings.
3. Es necesario que él sea responsable con sus tareas.
It’s necessary that he be responsible with his tasks.
4. Espero que ella sea seleccionada para la beca.
I hope that she is selected for the scholarship.
5. Deseo que usted sea el líder del nuevo proyecto.
I wish that you be the leader of the new project.
6. Es bueno que nosotros seamos solidarios con nuestros amigos.
It’s good that we be supportive of our friends.
7. Os recomiendo que seáis cuidadosos al viajar. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
I recommend that you be careful when traveling.
8. Es vital que ellos sean conscientes del impacto ambiental de sus acciones.
It’s vital that they be aware of the environmental impact of their actions.
9. Quiero que ellas sean felices y estén contentas con sus logros.
I want them to be happy and content with their achievements.
10. Recomiendo que ustedes sean proactivos en buscar soluciones.
I recommend that you be proactive in looking for solutions.
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