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About Us

Welcome to We’ve worked hard to provide all the tools you need to master verbs. This site was created by Dave Clark and Joe Billman who both have extensive experience working with education websites in the Ed Tech industry.


The Founders

Joe and Dave have worked together for around 20 years in ed tech and  teamed up in 2023 to bring you

Image of Dave Clark M.A. Founder of

Dave Clark M.A. - Founder/CEO

Dave has a bachelor's degree in Spanish and a masters degree in Language Pedogogy. He was the director of the U.S. Institute of Languages for 18 years. While there, he designed 4 award-winning language courses. He has taught Spanish at the university level for 5 years and created curriculum that was taught at the university level for many years. He has a passion for teaching and learning verb conjugation. He loves learning language himself and wants to share that passion with you!

Joe Billman - co-founder of

Joseph K. Billman - Founder/CTO

Joe was the head of development at the U.S. Institute of Languages, and Reading Horizons - two education-based companies. Joe has extensive experience building applications that help others learn in many different environments. Joe has lived abroad in Guatemala and has also mastered the Spanish language. Joe has had a fascination with Spanish verbs for years and wants to help you master verb conjugation.

Why did we create this site?

We love digital learning and verbs!

Joe and Dave love verb conjugation. They both went on missions for their Church – Dave to Peru and the Dominican Republic and Joe to Guatemala. They both became fluent and spoke Spanish daily with native speakers for nearly two years. They also spent time daily studying Spanish. A major part of what they learned was verb conjugation. They believe that verb conjugation is the foundational key to mastering any language. It is a component that most language courses only gloss over briefly. They built this site so you can learn and master verb conjugation in many different languages.