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Ser Imperfect Tense

Dive into the essence of Spanish with the imperfect tense of “ser,” an essential verb that forms the foundation of description and states of being in the past. Our verb chart simplifies learning, while interactive verb practice sessions and detailed conjugation exercises ensure you master the nuances of use. Ready to elevate your Spanish verbs knowledge? Ser conjugation will guide you through each form, or explore more on Spanish conjugation to become proficient in all verb forms.

Meaning(s): to be (permanent state)

Verb Chart: Ser Imperfect Tense



I was

I used to be



we were

we used to be

(Juana, Juan)


you were

you used to be


(informal Spain)


you all were

you all used to be


(Sra. García)


he, she, you were

he, she, you used to be

Ellos, Ellas, Uds.


they, you all were

they, you all used to be

Ser Imperfect Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

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Conjugation Practice

Imperfect Tense

Ser Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.Yo era muy activo en los deportes escolares.
I used to be very active in school sports.
2.¿Tú eras miembro del club de ciencias?
Were you a member of the science club?
3.Nosotros éramos buenos amigos en la infancia.
We used to be good friends in childhood.
4.Ella era la mejor en su clase de matemáticas.
She used to be the best in her math class.
5.¿Eran ellos vecinos tuyos?
Were they your neighbors?
6.Ustedes eran voluntarios en el hospital local.
You all used to be volunteers at the local hospital.
7.Él era muy curioso sobre el mundo natural.
He used to be very curious about the natural world.
8.¿Éramos nosotros compañeros de equipo en el fútbol?
Were we teammates in soccer?
9.Usted era profesor de historia, ¿verdad?
You used to be a history teacher, right?
10.¿Erais vosotros los organizadores del evento anual de la escuela?
Were you (plural, Spain) the organizers of the school’s annual event?