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Ser Conditional Perfect Tense

Welcome to the ultimate guide for mastering the Ser Conditional Perfect tense in Spanish, where understanding the complexities of this essential aspect of Spanish grammar is made simple. Our resources include a detailed verb chart, interactive verb practice exercises, and comprehensive conjugation practice sessions to ensure you grasp every nuance of using ‘Ser’ in the Conditional Perfect tense. Enhance your Spanish language skills by exploring our Ser conjugation page which covers all 16 major conjugations, or dive into our extensive verb library on the Spanish conjugation page for an in-depth look at conjugating Spanish verbs across all tenses.


habría sido

I would have been


habríamos sido

we would have been

(Juana, Juan)

habrías sido

you would have been


(informal Spain)

habríais sido

you all would have been


(Sra. García)

habría sido

he, she, you would have been

Ellos, Ellas, Uds.

habrían sido

they, you all would have been

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