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Volver Preterite Tense

Rediscover the concept of returning or coming back in Spanish with the Preterite Tense of volver. Our comprehensive page features a detailed conjugation chart, engaging verb activities, and sentences that effectively illustrate volver. Master this essential verb to discuss returning to places or reverting to states. Expand your Spanish linguistic skills with Spanish conjugation. Enhance your volver conjugation at our volver conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to return, to come back

Verb Chart: Volver Preterite Tense



I returned



we returned

(Juana, Juan)


you returned


(informal Spain)


you all returned


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you returned



they/you all returned

Volver Preterite Tense Practice

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Preterite Tense

Volver Preterite Sentence Examples

1. Ayer volví a casa temprano de la oficina.
Yesterday, I returned home early from the office.
2. ¿Volvió a llover después de que paró?
Did it rain again after it stopped?
3. Él volvió a su ciudad natal después de muchos años.
He returned to his hometown after many years.
4. Ella volvió a estudiar después de un largo descanso.
She went back to studying after a long break.
5. ¿Volvió Ud. a ver a sus amigos de la infancia?
Did you meet your childhood friends again?
6. Nosotros volvimos a nuestro lugar favorito de vacaciones.
We returned to our favorite vacation spot.
7. ¿Volvió a funcionar el reloj después de repararlo?
Did the clock work again after fixing it?
8. Las chicas volvieron a casa después de la fiesta.
The girls came back home after the party.
9. ¿Volvió Uds. a realizar el mismo trayecto de viaje?
Did you all travel the same route again?
10. Vosotros volvisteis al pueblo donde crecisteis para el festival anual.
You all (Spain) returned to the town where you grew up for the annual festival.