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Volver Present Tense

Master ‘volver‘ in Spanish and transform your language skills! Dive into our comprehensive guide. Welcome to our dedicated page for mastering the Spanish verb volver. Here, you’ll find an interactive verb chart, engaging conjugation exercises, fun verb games, and practical examples showing ‘volver’ in everyday conversation. Explore the versatility of ‘volver’ and see how it brings nuance to your Spanish. Enhance your understanding of ‘volver’ and practice its various conjugations on our volver conjugation page. For more on Spanish conjugation, visit our Spanish verb guide

Verb Meaning(s): to return, to come back.

Verb Chart: Volver Present Tense



I return
I do return
I am returning



we return
we do return
we are returning

(Juana, Juan)


you return
you do return
you are returning


(informal Spain)


you all return
you all do return
you all are returning


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you return
he/she/you do return
he/she/you are returning



they/you all return
they/ you all do return
they/you all are returning

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Volver Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo vuelvo a casa temprano.
I return home early.
2. Tú vuelves del trabajo a las seis.
You return from work at six.
3. Él vuelve a jugar al fútbol.
He returns to play soccer.
4. Ella vuelve a leer el libro.
She returns to reading the book.
5. Usted vuelve al mercado mañana.
You (formal) return to the market tomorrow.
6. Nosotros volvemos a la escuela en septiembre.
We return to school in September.
7. Vosotros volvéis al gimnasio (used only in Spain).
You all return to the gym.
8. Ellos vuelven a ver la película.
They return to watch the movie.
9. Ellas vuelven a la cafetería.
They (feminine) return to the café.
10. Ustedes vuelven al parque cada tarde.
You all return to the park every afternoon.