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Volver Imperfect Tense

Explore the Spanish Imperfect Tense with the verb volver. Our page is a hub of learning, offering an extensive verb chart, interactive conjugation activities, and entertaining verb games. Understand the practical usage of volver in common sentences, highlighting its everyday application. Delve deeper into Spanish verbs on our Spanish verb conjugation page. Begin your volver conjugation practice today!

Verb Meaning(s): to return, to come back

Verb Chart: Volver Imperfect Tense



I returned (weekly)
I used to return
I was returning



we returned (on Thursdays)
we used to return
we were returning

(Juana, Juan)


you returned (daily)
you used to return
you were returning


(informal Spain)


you all returned (frequently)
you all used to return
you all were returning


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you returned (sometimes)
he/she/you used to return
he/she/you were returning



they/you (all almost never) returned
they/you all used to return
they/you all were returning

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Volver Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.Yo volvía a casa a pie después de la escuela.< br> I used to return home on foot after school.
2.¿Tú volvías temprano de las fiestas?
Did you return early from parties?
3.Nosotros volvíamos del mercado con muchas bolsas.
We used to come back from the market with many bags.
4.Ella volvía de su trabajo a las seis de la tarde.
She used to come back from her job at six in the evening.
5.¿Volvían ellos de vacaciones con muchas fotos?
Did they return from vacation with lots of photos?
6.Ustedes volvían siempre con premios de las competencias.
You all used to come back with awards from competitions.
7.Él volvía de sus viajes con souvenirs para todos.
He used to return from his trips with souvenirs for everyone.
8.¿Volvíamos nosotros a visitar nuestro pueblo natal?
Did we return to visit our hometown?
9.Usted volvía de la biblioteca con nuevos libros cada semana.
You used to come back from the library with new books every week.
10.¿Volvíais vosotros a casa para la cena?
Did you (plural, Spain) return home for dinner?