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Viajar Imperfect Tense

Discover the world of the Spanish Imperfect Tense with the verb viajar. Our page is filled with a detailed verb chart, interactive conjugation exercises, and captivating verb games. See how viajar is incorporated into daily conversations, enhancing its practical application. To further your verb skills, visit our Spanish conjugation page. Embark on your viajar conjugation journey today!

Verb Meaning(s): to travel

Verb Chart: Viajar Imperfect Tense



I traveled (weekly)
I used to travel
I was traveling



we traveled (on Thursdays)
we used to travel
we were traveling

(Juana, Juan)


you traveled (daily)
you used to travel
you were traveling


(informal Spain)


you all traveled (frequently)
you all used to travel
you all were traveling


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you traveled (sometimes)
he/she/you used to travel
he/she/you were traveling



they/you (all almost never) traveled
they/you all used to travel
they/you all were traveling

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Viajar Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.Yo viajaba a diferentes países cada año.
I used to travel to different countries every year.
2.¿Tú viajabas con tu familia en las vacaciones?
Did you travel with your family on vacation?
3.Nosotros viajábamos a la playa durante el verano.
We used to travel to the beach during the summer.
4.Ella viajaba por trabajo frecuentemente.
She used to travel frequently for work.
5.¿Viajaban ellos al campo los fines de semana?
Did they travel to the countryside on weekends?
6.Ustedes viajaban para competir en torneos deportivos.
You all used to travel to compete in sports tournaments.
7.Él viajaba en tren a la universidad.
He used to travel by train to the university.
8.¿Viajábamos nosotros a visitar monumentos históricos?
Did we travel to visit historical monuments?
9.Usted viajaba a la montaña para hacer senderismo.
You used to travel to the mountains for hiking.
10.¿Viajabais vosotros a la costa para surfear?
Did you (plural, Spain) travel to the coast to surf?