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Vestirse Present Perfect Tense

Dress up your Spanish proficiency with the Present Perfect Tense and the reflexive verb vestirse. This page is designed to help you fully grasp ‘vestirse’, including a thorough verb chart, interactive conjugation exercises, fun games, and real-life sentence applications. Deepen your understanding of Spanish verbs at Spanish conjugation. Also, refine your command of ‘vestirse’ with dedicated practice at vestirse conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to get dressed

Verb Chart: Vestirse Present Perfect Tense


me he vestido

I have gotten dressed


nos hemos vestido

we have gotten dressed

(Juana, Juan)

te has vestido

you have gotten dressed


(informal Spain)

os habéis vestido

you all have gotten dressed


(Sra./Dr. García)

se ha vestido

he/she/you have gotten dressed


se han vestido

they/you all have gotten dressed

Vestirse Present Perfect Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

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Present Perfect Tense

Vestirse Present Perfect Sentence Examples

1. Yo me he vestido de manera formal para la entrevista de trabajo.
I have dressed formally for the job interview.
2. ¿Tú te has vestido alguna vez con un traje tradicional?
Have you ever dressed in traditional attire?
3. Él se ha vestido rápidamente para llegar a tiempo a su cita.
He has dressed quickly to arrive on time for his appointment.
4. Ella se ha vestido con su mejor ropa para la celebración.
She has dressed in her best clothes for the celebration.
5. Usted se ha vestido adecuadamente para el clima frío.
You have dressed appropriately for the cold weather.
6. Nosotros nos hemos vestido con disfraces para la fiesta de Halloween.
We have dressed up in costumes for the Halloween party.
7. ¿Vosotros os habéis vestido alguna vez para un evento temático? (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Have you all ever dressed up for a thematic event?
8. Ellos se han vestido de manera elegante para el concierto.
They have dressed elegantly for the concert.
9. Ellas se han vestido con ropa deportiva para la competición.
They have dressed in sportswear for the competition.
10. ¿Ustedes se han vestido alguna vez con ropa de época para una obra de teatro?
Have you ever dressed in period clothing for a play?