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Venir Present Tense

Welcome to the vibrant world of Spanish verbs, where mastering “venir” in the Present Tense is just the beginning! Discover the magic of this essential verb with our comprehensive chart, interactive exercises, fun games, and real-life examples. Uncover the secret to speaking Spanish fluently and make “venir” a part of your everyday conversations. Spanish verb conjugation is the gateway to effective communication. Dive into the different nuances of venir conjugation and watch your Spanish skills flourish!

Verb Meaning(s): to come

Verb Chart: Venir Present Tense



I come
I do come
I am coming



we come
we do come
we are coming

(Juana, Juan)


you come
you do come
you are coming


(informal Spain)


you all come
you all do come
you all are coming


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you come
he/she/you do come
he/she/you are coming



they/you all come
they/ you all do come
they/you all are coming

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Venir Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo vengo a la fiesta.
I come to the party.
2. Tú vienes al cine conmigo.
You come to the movies with me.
3. Él viene a la reunión.
He comes to the meeting.
4. Ella viene al concierto.
She comes to the concert.
5. Usted viene a la conferencia.
You (formal) come to the conference.
6. Nosotros venimos al parque.
We come to the park.
7. Vosotros venís a la playa. (used only in Spain)
You all come to the beach.
8. Ellos vienen a la exposición.
They come to the exhibition.
9. Ellas vienen a la tienda.
They (feminine) come to the store.
10. Ustedes vienen a la boda.
You (plural) come to the wedding.
Next, I will provide examples for “ver” (to see).