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Tener Pluperfect Tense

The Tener pluperfect tense in Spanish describes actions that had occurred prior to another past event. Learning this tense is crucial for mastering Spanish verb conjugation. To help you with tener conjugation in general, we offer an in-depth Tener conjugation guide which covers all 16 major tenses of ‘tener’. Need more? Dive into our comprehensive Spanish verb conjugation hub to explore further.


había tenido

I had had


habíamos tenido

we had had

(Juana, Juan)

habías tenido

you had had


(informal Spain)

habíais tenido

you all had had


(Sra. García)

había tenido

he, she, you had had

Ellos, Ellas, Uds.

habían tenido

they, you all had had

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