Tener Past Progressive Tense

The Tener Past Progressive Tense in Spanish is an integral part of mastering Spanish verbs. This tense showcases ongoing actions that occurred in the past. Dive deep into its structure with our comprehensive Tener conjugation guide which details all 16 major conjugations of the verb “tener”. Furthermore, practice and improve your verb skills with our extensive chart, verb practice activities, and conjugation practice. For an overarching understanding of Spanish verbs, visit our Spanish verb conjugation hub. Note: this tense is not used very often in Spanish. The Spanish imperfect tense is more commonly used.


estaba teniendo

I was having


estábamos teniendo

we were having

(Juana, Juan)

estabas teniendo

you were having


(informal Spain)

estabais teniendo

you all were having


(Sra. García)

estaba teniendo

he, she, you were having

Ellos, Ellas, Uds.

estaban teniendo

they, you all were having

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