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Tener Conditional Perfect Tense

The Tener conditional perfect tense in Spanish is an intricate yet vital aspect of the language, especially when expressing actions that would have occurred under certain conditions. To truly master this tense, it is crucial to understand its structure and nuances. Dive into our comprehensive Tener conjugation chart, explore various verb practices, and sharpen your skills with our conjugation exercises. For a broader understanding of Spanish verbs, check out our guide on Spanish verb conjugation.


habría tenido

I would have had


habríamos tenido

we would have had

(Juana, Juan)

habrías tenido

you would have had


(informal Spain)

habriáis tenido

you all would have had


(Sra. García)

habría tenido

he, she, you would have had

Ellos, Ellas, Uds.

habrían tenido

they, you all would have had

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