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Suponer Future Tense

Prepare to suponer in the Future Tense and master expressing assumptions or suppositions in Spanish. This page lays out a strategic verb chart, exercises for critical thinking, interactive games, and sentences that employ suponer in contexts of assuming information or deducing outcomes. Assume with accuracy. Hypothesize with Spanish verbs. Lay the groundwork for understanding with our suponer conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to suppose, to assume

Verb Chart: Suponer Future Tense



I will suppose



we will suppose

(Juana, Juan)


you will suppose


(informal Spain)


you all will suppose


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you will suppose



they/you all will suppose

Suponer Future Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

Conjugation Practice

Future Tense

Suponer Future Sentence Examples

1. Yo supondré que todos están de acuerdo si no hay objeciones.
I will assume everyone agrees if there are no objections.
2. ¿Tú supondrás que el trabajo está completo sin verificar?
Will you assume the work is complete without verifying?
He will suppose there’s a logical explanation for the discrepancies.
4. Ella supondrá que es un desafío para sus competidores.
She will suppose that it’s a challenge for her competitors.
5. Usted supondrá que el proyecto será un éxito, ¿cierto?
You will assume the project will be a success, right?
6. Nosotros supondremos que la reunión se cancela si no recibimos confirmación.
We will suppose the meeting is canceled if we don’t receive confirmation.
7. Vosotros supondréis que tenéis suficiente tiempo para terminar el informe. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
You will suppose you have enough time to finish the report.
8. Ellos supondrán que pueden ganar sin esfuerzo.
They will assume they can win without effort.
9. Ellas supondrán que la oferta es válida hasta el final del mes.
They will assume the offer is valid until the end of the month.
10. ¿Ustedes supondrán que el clima será favorable para el evento?
Will you assume the weather will be favorable for the event?