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Sentarse Imperfect Tense

Engage with the Spanish Imperfect Tense through the reflexive verb sentarse. Our page provides a comprehensive verb chart, interactive conjugation practices, and engaging verb games to enhance your learning. Learn the application of sentarse in everyday language through practical sentences. For more insights into Spanish verbs, visit our Spanish conjugation page. Begin your journey with sentarse conjugation today!

Verb Meaning(s): to sit down

Verb Chart: Sentarse Imperfect Tense


me sentaba

I sat down (weekly)
I used to sit down
I was sitting down


nos sentábamos

we sat down (on Thursdays)
we used to sit down
we were sitting down

(Juana, Juan)

te sentabas

you sat down (daily)
you used to sit down
you were sitting down


(informal Spain)

os sentabais

you all sat down (frequently)
you all used to sit down
you all were sitting down


(Sra./Dr. García)

se sentaba

he/she/you sat down (sometimes)
he/she/you used to sit down
he/she/you were sitting down


se sentaban

they/you (all almost never) sat down
they/you all used to sit down
they/you all were sitting down

Sentarse Imperfect Tense Practice

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Imperfect Tense

Sentarse Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.Yo me sentaba al frente en la clase.
I used to sit at the front in class.
2.¿Tú te sentabas cerca de la ventana?
Did you sit near the window?
3.Nosotros nos sentábamos juntos en el almuerzo.
We sat together at lunch.
4.Ella se sentaba en el parque a leer.
She used to sit in the park to read.
5.¿Se sentaban ellos en el suelo para jugar?
Did they sit on the floor to play?
6.Ustedes se sentaban en círculo para las reuniones de equipo.
You all used to sit in a circle for team meetings.
7.Él se sentaba a contemplar el atardecer.
He used to sit down to watch the sunset.
8.¿Nos sentábamos nosotros en la biblioteca para estudiar?
Did we sit in the library to study?
9.Usted se sentaba en el balcón para tomar café.
You used to sit on the balcony to have coffee.
10.¿Os sentabais vosotros en el jardín para charlar?
Did you (plural, Spain) sit in the garden to chat?