Sacar Present Tense

Unlock the secrets of ‘sacar’ in the Present Tense! This vibrant page is your gateway to mastering ‘sacar’ with our comprehensive verb chart, engaging conjugation practice, interactive verb games, and real-life sentences. Dive into the world of ‘sacar’ and see how it’s used in daily conversation. Spanish verb conjugation just got more exciting! Practice the various conjugations of ‘sacar’ on our sacar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to take out, to remove

Verb Chart: Sacar Present Tense



I take out
I do take out
I am taking out



we take out
we do take out
we are taking out

(Juana, Juan)


you take out
you do take out
you are taking out


(informal Spain)


you all take out
you all do take out
you all are taking out


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you take out
he/she/you do take out
he/she/you are taking out



they/you all take out
they/ you all do take out
they/you all are taking out

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Sacar Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo saco la basura todos los días.
I take out the trash every day.
2. Tú sacas buenas notas en la escuela.
You get good grades at school.
3. Él saca fotos en el parque.
He takes photos in the park.
4. Ella saca dinero del cajero automático.
She withdraws money from the ATM.
5. Usted saca el pasaporte para el viaje.
You (formal) take out your passport for the trip.
6. Nosotros sacamos los libros de la biblioteca.
We take out books from the library.
7. Vosotros sacáis el perro a pasear. (used only in Spain)
You all take the dog for a walk.
8. Ellos sacan la comida del refrigerador.
They take out the food from the fridge.
9. Ellas sacan entradas para el concierto.
They  get tickets for the concert.
10. Ustedes sacan conclusiones rápidas.
You (plural) jump to conclusions quickly.