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Sacar Present Progressive Tense

Uncover the nuances of sacar in the Present Progressive Tense with our dynamic verb chart, practical exercises, and real-life sentence examples. Learn its use in taking out or removing something. For comprehensive learning, visit our Spanish verb conjugation guide. Enhance your ‘sacar’ skills on our sacar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to take out, to remove

Verb Chart: Sacar Present Progressive Tense


estoy sacando

I am taking out (right now)


estamos sacando

we are taking out (right now)

(Juana, Juan)

estás sacando

you are taking out (right now)


(informal Spain)

estáis sacando

you all are taking out (right now)


(Sra./Dr. García)

está sacando

he/she/you are taking out (right now)


están sacando

they/you all are taking out (right now)

Sacar Present Progressive Tense Practice

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Conjugation Practice

Present Progressive Tense

Sacar Present Progressive Sentence Examples

1. Yo estoy sacando fotos de la naturaleza durante mi caminata.
I am taking pictures of nature during my hike.
2. ¿Tú estás sacando buenas notas este semestre?
Are you getting good grades this semester?
3. Él está sacando la basura todos los martes.
He is taking out the trash every Tuesday.
4. Ella está sacando dinero del banco para el viaje.
She is withdrawing money from the bank for the trip.
5. Usted está sacando provecho de las oportunidades de aprendizaje.
You are making the most of learning opportunities.
6. Nosotros estamos sacando entradas para el concierto.
We are getting tickets for the concert.
7. Vosotros estáis sacando el máximo partido a vuestras vacaciones (vosotros is used only in Spain).
You all are making the most of your vacations.
8. Ellos están sacando su proyecto adelante con mucho esfuerzo.
They are pushing their project forward with a lot of effort.
9. ¿Ellas están sacando conclusiones de la investigación?
Are they drawing conclusions from the research?
10. Ustedes están sacando sus visas para el viaje internacional.
You all are getting your visas for the international trip.