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Saber Present Tense

Dive into the fascinating world of “saber” in the present tense, a key verb for expressing knowledge and skills in Spanish! Our site features an in-depth verb chart, interactive conjugation exercises, engaging games, and sentences that effectively use “saber.” Explore more about Spanish conjugation. Enhance your proficiency in “saber” by practicing on our saber conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to know

Verb Chart: Saber Present Tense


I know
I do know
I am knowing



we know
we do know
we are knowing

(Juana, Juan)


you know
you do know
you are knowing


(informal Spain)


you all know
you all do know
you all are knowing


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you know
he/she/you do know
he/she/you are knowing



they/you all know
they/you all do know
they/you all are knowing

Saber Present Tense Practice

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Saber Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo sé hablar español.
I know how to speak Spanish.
2. Tú sabes la respuesta.
You know the answer.
3. Él sabe tocar la guitarra.
He knows how to play the guitar.
4. Ella sabe cocinar platos italianos.
She knows how to cook Italian dishes.
5. Usted sabe dónde está el museo.
You (formal) know where the museum is.
6. Nosotros sabemos nadar muy bien.
We know how to swim very well.
7. Vosotros sabéis jugar al ajedrez. (used only in Spain)
You all know how to play chess.
8. Ellos saben manejar coches automáticos y manuales.
They know how to drive automatic and manual cars.
9. Ellas saben bailar salsa.
They (feminine) know how to dance salsa.
10. Ustedes saben organizar eventos grandes.
You all know how to organize large events.