Saber Present Progressive Tense

Explore saber in the Present Progressive Tense through our detailed verb chart, interactive exercises, and sentence examples. Understand its role in expressing knowledge or skills. Enhance your language proficiency with our Spanish conjugation section. Develop your ‘saber’ expertise on our saber conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to know, to know how

Verb Chart: Saber Present Progressive Tense


estoy sabiendo

I am knowing (right now)


estamos sabiendo

we are knowing (right now)

(Juana, Juan)

estás sabiendo

you are knowing (right now)


(informal Spain)

estáis sabiendo

you all are knowing (right now)


(Sra./Dr. García)

está sabiendo

he/she/you are knowing (right now)


están sabiendo

they/you all are knowing (right now)

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Saber Present Progressive Sentence Examples

1. Yo estoy sabiendo cómo manejar mejor mi tiempo.
I am getting to know how to manage my time better.
2. ¿Tú estás sabiendo más sobre la historia de tu país?
Are you getting to know more about the history of your country?
3. Él está sabiendo resolver problemas complejos en matemáticas.
He is getting to know how to solve complex problems in mathematics.
4. Ella está sabiendo equilibrar el trabajo y el estudio.
She is getting to know how to balance work and study.
5. Usted está sabiendo apreciar diferentes tipos de arte.
You are getting to know how to appreciate different types of art.
6. Nosotros estamos sabiendo cómo trabajar en equipo eficazmente.
We are getting to know how to work effectively as a team.
7. Vosotros estáis sabiendo más sobre la cultura de otros países (vosotros is used only in Spain).
You all are getting to know more about the culture of other countries.
8. Ellos están sabiendo cómo usar la tecnología nueva en el aula.
They are getting to know how to use new technology in the classroom.
9. ¿Ellas están sabiendo hacer proyectos científicos más avanzados?
Are they getting to know how to do more advanced scientific projects?
10. Ustedes están sabiendo cómo influir positivamente en su comunidad.
You all are getting to know how to positively influence your community.
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