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Romper Present Tense

Step into the expressive world of “romper” in the present tense, a verb that vividly conveys breaking or tearing in Spanish! Find a comprehensive verb chart, hands-on conjugation drills, exciting games, and practical sentences using “romper.” Further your Spanish language skills at our Spanish verbs section. Practice the various forms of “romper” on our specialized romper conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to break, to tear

Verb Chart: Romper Present Tense



I break
I do break
I am breaking



we break
we do break
we are breaking

(Juana, Juan)


you break
you do break
you are breaking


(informal Spain)


you all break
you all do break
you all are breaking


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you break
he/she/you do break
he/she/you are breaking



they/you all break
they/you all do break
they/you all are breaking

Romper Present Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

Conjugation Practice

Present Tense

Romper Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo rompo el papel en pedazos.
I tear the paper into pieces.
2. Tú rompes las galletas para hacer la base de un pastel.
You break the cookies to make a cake base.
3. Él rompe el récord en la carrera.
He breaks the record in the race.
4. Ella rompe con su novio.
She breaks up with her boyfriend.
5. Usted rompe el silencio.
You (formal) break the silence.
6. Nosotros rompemos la piñata en la fiesta.
We break the piñata at the party.
7. Vosotros rompéis las hojas secas al caminar. (used only in Spain)
You all crush the dry leaves while walking.
8. Ellos rompen el contrato.
They break the contract.
9. Ellas rompen la tradición.
They (feminine) break the tradition.
10. Ustedes rompen las barreras.
You all break the barriers.