Recomendar Present Tense

Discover the nuances of “recomendar” in the present tense, a verb that brings the act of recommending to life in Spanish! Explore our detailed verb chart, dynamic conjugation exercises, engaging games, and real-life sentences using “recomendar.” For a comprehensive guide on Spanish verbs, visit our Spanish conjugation page. Enhance your command of “recomendar” with targeted practice on our recomendar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to recommend

Verb Chart: Recomendar Present Tense



I recommend
I do recommend
I am recommending



we recommend
we do recommend
we are recommending

(Juana, Juan)


you recommend
you do recommend
you are recommending


(informal Spain)


you all recommend
you all do recommend
you all are recommending


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you recommend
he/she/you do recommend
he/she/you are recommending



they/you all recommend
they/you all do recommend
they/you all are recommending

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Recomendar Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo recomiendo ese restaurante.
I recommend that restaurant.
2. Tú recomiendas un buen libro.
You recommend a good book.
3. Él recomienda hacer ejercicio regularmente.
He recommends exercising regularly.
4. Ella recomienda visitar la ciudad en primavera.
She recommends visiting the city in spring.
5. Usted recomienda una dieta balanceada.
You (formal) recommend a balanced diet.
6. Nosotros recomendamos estudiar todos los días.
We recommend studying every day.
7. Vosotros recomendáis escuchar música clásica. (used only in Spain)
You all recommend listening to classical music.
8. Ellos recomiendan ahorrar energía.
They recommend saving energy.
9. Ellas recomiendan usar protector solar.
They (feminine) recommend using sunscreen.
10. Ustedes recomiendan aprender idiomas.
You all recommend learning languages.