Recoger Preterite Tense

Discover the action of collecting or gathering in Spanish with the Preterite Tense of recoger. Our page features a detailed conjugation chart, engaging verb activities, and sentences illustrating recoger. Master this verb to talk about picking up or tidying things in Spanish. Dive deeper into Spanish verbs with Spanish conjugation. Enhance your recoger conjugation skills at our recoger conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to pick up, to gather

Verb Chart: Recoger Preterite Tense



I picked up



we picked up

(Juana, Juan)


you picked up


(informal Spain)


you all picked up


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you picked up



they/you all picked up

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Preterite Tense

Recoger Preterite Sentence Examples

1. Ayer recogí a mi hermano del colegio.
Yesterday, I picked up my brother from school.
2. ¿Recogiste las llaves que dejaste en mi casa?
Did you pick up the keys you left at my house?
3. Él recogió todas las hojas del jardín.
He gathered all the leaves in the garden.
4. Ella recogió su habitación antes de salir.
She tidied up her room before leaving.
5. ¿Recogió Ud. el paquete en la oficina de correos?
Did you pick up the package at the post office?
6. Nosotros recogimos basura en la playa durante la limpieza comunitaria.
We picked up trash on the beach during the community clean-up.
7. ¿Recogieron ellos los juguetes después de jugar?
Did they pick up the toys after playing?
8. Las chicas recogieron sus materiales de arte después de la clase.
The girls collected their art materials after the class.
9. ¿Recogieron Uds. los documentos necesarios para la reunión?
Did you all collect the necessary documents for the meeting?
10. Vosotros recogisteis vuestras entradas para el concierto en la taquilla.
You all (Spain) picked up your concert tickets at the box office.