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Recoger Present Tense

Unlock the practical aspects of “recoger” in the present tense, a verb frequently used in Spanish to express collecting or picking up! Our site provides a comprehensive verb chart, interactive conjugation exercises, entertaining games, and sentences featuring “recoger.” Explore the nuances of Spanish verbs. Delve into “recoger” by practicing its conjugations on our recoger conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to pick up, to gather

Verb Chart: Recoger Present Tense



I pick up
I do pick up
I am picking up



we pick up
we do pick up
we are picking up

(Juana, Juan)


you pick up
you do pick up
you are picking up


(informal Spain)


you all pick up
you all do pick up
you all are picking up


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you pick up
he/she/you do pick up
he/she/you are picking up



they/you all pick up
they/you all do pick up
they/you all are picking up

Recoger Present Tense Practice

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Recoger Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo recojo a mi hermano del colegio.
I pick up my brother from school.
2. Tú recoges las hojas del jardín.
You collect the leaves in the garden.
3. Él recoge su habitación.
He picks up his room.
4. Ella recoge su premio.
She picks up her award.
5. Usted recoge datos para el proyecto.
You (formal) collect data for the project.
6. Nosotros recogemos basura en la playa.
We pick up trash on the beach.
7. Vosotros recogéis frutas del huerto. (used only in Spain)
You all pick fruit from the orchard.
8. Ellos recogen juguetes para donar.
They collect toys to donate.
9. Ellas recogen firmas para una petición.
They (feminine) collect signatures for a petition.
10. Ustedes recogen sus pertenencias al finalizar la clase.
You all pick up your belongings at the end of the class.