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Practicar Imperfect Tense

Dive into the Spanish Imperfect Tense with the action-packed verb practicar. Our page is a hub of interactive learning, featuring an extensive verb chart, engaging conjugation drills, and lively verb games. Observe practicar in common sentences, showcasing its application in daily life. Elevate your skills by visiting our Spanish verbs section. Start practicing practicar conjugation today!

Verb Meaning(s): to practice

Verb Chart: Practicar Imperfect Tense



I practiced (weekly)
I used to practice
I was practicing



we practiced (on Thursdays)
we used to practice
we were practicing

(Juana, Juan)


you practiced (daily)
you used to practice
you were practicing


(informal Spain)


you all practiced (frequently)
you all used to practice
you all were practicing


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you practiced (sometimes)
he/she/you used to practice
he/she/you were practicing



they/you (all almost never) practiced
they/you all used to practice
they/you all were practicing

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Practicar Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.Yo practicaba fútbol todos los martes y jueves.
I used to practice soccer every Tuesday and Thursday.
2.¿Tú practicabas el piano después de la escuela?
Did you practice the piano after school?
3.Nosotros practicábamos natación en la piscina municipal.
We used to practice swimming in the municipal pool.
4.Ella practicaba danza clásica cada fin de semana.
She used to practice classical dance every weekend.
5.¿Practicaban ellos artes marciales en el gimnasio?
Did they practice martial arts in the gym?
6.Ustedes practicaban teatro en la escuela.
You all used to practice theater in school.
7.Él practicaba ciclismo en el parque.
He used to practice cycling in the park.
8.¿Practicábamos nosotros ajedrez en el club?
Did we practice chess in the club?
9.Usted practicaba la jardinería en su tiempo libre.
You used to practice gardening in your free time.
10.¿Practicabais vosotros esquí en invierno?
Did you (plural, Spain) practice skiing in winter?