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Ponerse Present Perfect Tense

Dress up your Spanish skills with the Present Perfect Tense and the reflexive verb ponerse. Our page is designed to assist you in mastering ‘ponerse’, offering a comprehensive verb chart, interactive conjugation exercises, fun games, and sentences for practical use. Advance your Spanish language journey at Spanish verb conjugation. Also, refine your ‘ponerse’ conjugation techniques at ponerse conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to put on, to become (happy, angry, etc.)

Verb Chart: Ponerse Present Perfect Tense


me he puesto

I have put on


nos hemos puesto

we have put on

(Juana, Juan)

te has puesto

you have put on


(informal Spain)

os habéis puesto

you all have put on


(Sra./Dr. García)

se ha puesto

he/she/you have put on


se han puesto

they/you all have put on

Ponerse Present Perfect Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

Conjugation Practice

Present Perfect Tense

Ponerse Present Perfect Sentence Examples

1. Yo me he puesto muy contento al recibir buenas noticias.
I have become very happy upon receiving good news.
2. ¿Tú te has puesto el suéter que te regalé?
Have you worn the sweater I gave you?
3. Él se ha puesto serio al hablar de su trabajo.
He has become serious when talking about his job.
4. Ella se ha puesto un vestido elegante para la fiesta.
She has put on an elegant dress for the party.
5. Usted se ha puesto en forma después de ir al gimnasio regularmente.
You have gotten in shape after going to the gym regularly.
6. Nosotros nos hemos puesto de acuerdo sobre dónde ir de vacaciones.
We have agreed on where to go on vacation.
7. ¿Vosotros os habéis puesto nerviosos antes de la presentación? (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Have you all gotten nervous before the presentation?
8. Ellos se han puesto trajes para la ceremonia oficial.
They have put on suits for the official ceremony.
9. Ellas se han puesto felices al ver a su amiga después de mucho tiempo.
They have become happy to see their friend after a long time.
10. ¿Ustedes se han puesto a estudiar para el examen final?
Have you started studying for the final exam?