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Pensar Preterite Tense

Delve into the realm of thought in Spanish with the Preterite Tense of pensar. Our interactive page includes a comprehensive conjugation chart, fun verb games, and practical examples using pensar. Enhance your ability to express thinking and planning in Spanish. For more on Spanish verbs, check out Spanish conjugation. Refine your pensar conjugation skills on our pensar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to think, to plan

Verb Chart: Pensar Preterite Tense



I thought



we thought

(Juana, Juan)


you thought


(informal Spain)


you all thought


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you thought



they/you all thought

Pensar Preterite Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

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Conjugation Practice

Preterite Tense

Pensar Preterite Sentence Examples

1. Ayer pensé en una solución para el problema.
Yesterday, I thought of a solution for the problem.
2. ¿Pensaste en ir a la universidad después de graduarte?
Did you think about going to college after graduating?
3. Él pensó en cambiar de carrera.
He thought about changing his career.
4. Ella pensó mucho antes de tomar su decisión.
She thought a lot before making her decision.
5. ¿Pensó Ud. en las consecuencias de sus acciones?
Did you think about the consequences of your actions?
6. Nosotros pensamos en ir de vacaciones a la playa.
We thought about going on a beach vacation.
7. ¿Pensaron ellos en las respuestas durante el examen?
Did they think about the answers during the exam?
8. Las chicas pensaron en organizar una sorpresa para su amiga.
The girls thought about organizing a surprise for their friend.
9. ¿Pensaron Uds. en los beneficios de aprender un segundo idioma?
Did you all think about the benefits of learning a second language?
10. Vosotros pensasteis en mudaros a otra ciudad para trabajar.
You all (Spain) thought about moving to another city for work.