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Pensar Present Progressive Tense

Master the art of pensar in the Present Progressive Tense with our comprehensive verb chart, engaging exercises, and sentence examples. Understand its use in expressing thoughts and planning. Visit our Spanish verbs guide for more. Develop your ‘pensar’ expertise on our pensar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to think, to plan

Verb Chart: Pensar Present Progressive Tense


estoy pensando

I am thinking (right now)


estamos pensando

we are thinking (right now)

(Juana, Juan)

estás pensando

you are thinking (right now)


(informal Spain)

estáis pensando

you all are thinking (right now)


(Sra./Dr. García)

está pensando

he/she/you are thinking (right now)


están pensando

they/you all are thinking (right now)

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Present Progressive Tense

Pensar Present Progressive Sentence Examples

1. Yo estoy pensando en estudiar medicina.
I am thinking about studying medicine.
2. ¿Tú estás pensando en cambiar de escuela?
Are you thinking about changing schools?
3. Él está pensando en escribir un libro.
He is thinking about writing a book.
4. Ella está pensando en viajar al extranjero el próximo año.
She is thinking about traveling abroad next year.
5. Usted está pensando en abrir su propio negocio.
You are thinking about starting your own business.
6. Nosotros estamos pensando en organizar un evento benéfico.
We are thinking about organizing a charity event.
7. Vosotros estáis pensando en participar en un torneo de fútbol (vosotros is used only in Spain).
You all are thinking about participating in a soccer tournament.
8. Ellos están pensando en adoptar una mascota.
They are thinking about adopting a pet.
9. ¿Ellas están pensando en estudiar juntas para el examen?
Are they thinking about studying together for the exam?
10. Ustedes están pensando en hacer un viaje de fin de curso.
You all are thinking about going on an end-of-course trip.