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Pegar Present Tense

Explore the multifaceted verb “pegar” in the present tense, a vivid addition to your Spanish vocabulary arsenal! Our platform offers a thorough verb chart, interactive conjugation practices, exciting games, and sentences demonstrating “pegar” in real-life contexts. Dive deeper into Spanish verb conjugation. Master “pegar” by practicing its various forms on our pegar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to stick, to hit

Verb Chart: Pegar Present Tense



I hit
I do hit
I am hitting



we hit
we do hit
we are hitting

(Juana, Juan)


you hit
you do hit
you are hitting


(informal Spain)


you all hit
you all do hit
you all are hitting


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you hit
he/she/you do hit
he/she/you are hitting



they/you all hit
they/you all do hit
they/you all are hitting

Pegar Present Tense Practice

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Pegar Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo pego un cartel en la pared.
I stick a poster on the wall.
2. Tú pegas la caja.
You hit the box.
3. Él pega un sello en la carta.
He sticks a stamp on the letter.
4. Ella pega la almohada.
She hits the pillow.
5. Usted pega un parche en la rueda.
You (formal) stick a patch on the wheel.
6. Nosotros pegamos fotos en el álbum.
We stick photos in the album.
7. Vosotros pegáis carteles por toda la ciudad. (used only in Spain)
You all stick posters all over the city.
8. Ellos pegan la mesa.
They hit the table.
9. Ellas pegan calcomanías en sus cuadernos.
They (feminine) stick stickers on their notebooks.
10. Ustedes pegan un anuncio en el tablón de anuncios.
You all stick a notice on the bulletin board.