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Pedir Present Tense

Unlock the essence of “pedir” in the present tense, a key verb in the Spanish language for requests and orders! Explore our detailed chart, hands-on conjugation exercises, engaging games, and practical usage in everyday sentences. Advance your Spanish with our Spanish verbs resources. Enhance your proficiency in “pedir” by practicing on our pedir conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to ask for, to request, to order

Verb Chart: Pedir Present Tense



I ask for
I do ask for
I am asking for



we ask for
we do ask for
we are asking for

(Juana, Juan)


you ask for
you do ask for
you are asking for


(informal Spain)


you all ask for
you all do ask for
you all are asking for


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you ask for
he/she/you do ask for
he/she/you are asking for



they/you all ask for
they/you all do ask for
they/you all are asking for

Pedir Present Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

Conjugation Practice

Present Tense

Pedir Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo pido ayuda.
I ask for help.
2. Tú pides un café.
You order a coffee.
3. Él pide información.
He requests information.
4. Ella pide permiso.
She asks for permission.
5. Usted pide una explicación.
You (formal) ask for an explanation.
6. Nosotros pedimos pizza para cenar.
We order pizza for dinner.
7. Vosotros pedís direcciones. (used only in Spain)
You all ask for directions.
8. Ellos piden consejo.
They ask for advice.
9. Ellas piden un descanso.
They (feminine) ask for a break.
10. Ustedes piden más tiempo.
You all ask for more time.