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Pedir Present Progressive Tense

Uncover the nuances of pedir in the Present Progressive Tense with our dynamic verb chart, practical exercises, and sentence examples. Understand its application in making requests and ordering. For comprehensive learning, visit our Spanish verb conjugation section. Enhance your ‘pedir’ conjugation on our pedir conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to ask for, to request, to order

Verb Chart: Pedir Present Progressive Tense


estoy pidiendo

I am asking for (right now)


estamos pidiendo

we are asking for (right now)

(Juana, Juan)

estás pidiendo

you are asking for (right now)


(informal Spain)

estáis pidiendo

you all are asking for (right now)


(Sra./Dr. García)

está pidiendo

he/she/you are asking for (right now)


están pidiendo

they/you all are asking for (right now)

Pedir Present Progressive Tense Practice

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Present Progressive Tense

Pedir Present Progressive Sentence Examples

1. Yo estoy pidiendo un helado de chocolate.
I am ordering a chocolate ice cream.
2. ¿Tú estás pidiendo ayuda con tu tarea?
Are you asking for help with your homework?
3. Él está pidiendo una oportunidad para demostrar su habilidad.
He is asking for a chance to demonstrate his skill.
4. Ella está pidiendo un libro en la biblioteca.
She is requesting a book at the library.
5. Usted está pidiendo una mesa para dos en el restaurante.
You are asking for a table for two at the restaurant.
6. Nosotros estamos pidiendo información turística.
We are asking for tourist information.
7. Vosotros estáis pidiendo direcciones para llegar al museo (vosotros is used only in Spain).
You all are asking for directions to get to the museum.
8. Ellos están pidiendo entradas para el concierto.
They are requesting tickets for the concert.
9. ¿Ellas están pidiendo consejo sobre qué carrera elegir?
Are they asking for advice on which career to choose?
10. Ustedes están pidiendo un cambio en el horario de clases.
You all are asking for a change in the class schedule.