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Pasear Present Tense

Immerse yourself in the leisurely verb “pasear” in the present tense, bringing the joy of Spanish strolls into language learning! Our platform offers an extensive verb chart, interactive conjugation tools, fun games, and everyday sentences with “pasear.” Deepen your knowledge of Spanish conjugation. Perfect your “pasear” usage with practice on our pasear conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to stroll, to walk

Verb Chart: Pasear Present Tense



I walk
I do walk
I am walking



we walk
we do walk
we are walking

(Juana, Juan)


you walk
you do walk
you are walking


(informal Spain)


you all walk
you all do walk
you all are walking


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you walk
he/she/you do walk
he/she/you are walking



they/you all walk
they/you all do walk
they/you all are walking

Pasear Present Tense Practice

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Conjugation Practice

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Pasear Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo paseo en el parque cada mañana.
I take a walk in the park every morning.
2. Tú paseas con tu perro.
You stroll with your dog.
3. Él pasea por la playa.
He walks along the beach.
4. Ella pasea por el centro de la ciudad.
She strolls through the city center.
5. Usted pasea en bicicleta.
You (formal) ride a bike for leisure.
6. Nosotros paseamos por el bosque.
We take a walk in the forest.
7. Vosotros paseáis por las calles antiguas. (used only in Spain)
You all stroll through the old streets.
8. Ellos pasean en el parque de diversiones.
They walk around the amusement park.
9. Ellas pasean en el mercado.
They (feminine) stroll in the market.
10. Ustedes pasean por el museo.
You all walk around the museum.