Pasar Preterite Tense

Experience the concept of passing and spending time in Spanish with the Preterite Tense of pasar. Our interactive page offers a full conjugation chart, captivating verb games, and sentences demonstrating pasar in various contexts. Master this versatile verb to enrich your everyday Spanish conversations. For more insights into Spanish verbs, check out Spanish conjugation. Advance your pasar conjugation skills at our pasar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to pass, to spend (time)

Verb Chart: Pasar Preterite Tense



I passed



we passed

(Juana, Juan)


you passed


(informal Spain)


you all passed


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you passed



they/you all passed

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Preterite Tense

Pasar Preterite Sentence Examples

1. Ayer pasé toda la tarde estudiando.
Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon studying.
2. ¿Pasaste un buen rato en la fiesta?
Did you have a good time at the party?
3. Él pasó por mi casa para dejarme un libro.
He stopped by my house to drop off a book.
4. Ella pasó el fin de semana en la montaña.
She spent the weekend in the mountains.
5. ¿Pasó Ud. por la tienda para comprar pan?
Did you go by the store to buy bread?
6. Nosotros pasamos un día maravilloso en la playa.
We spent a wonderful day at the beach.
7. ¿Pasaron ellos dificultades durante el viaje?
Did they experience difficulties during the trip?
8. Las chicas pasaron horas hablando por teléfono.
The girls spent hours talking on the phone.
9. ¿Pasaron Uds. por la nueva cafetería en el centro?
Did you all stop by the new café downtown?
10. Vosotros pasasteis por el parque antes de volver a casa.
You all (Spain) went through the park before returning home.