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Parecer Future Tense

Shape your opinions by learning to parecer in the Future Tense and express what things seem like in Spanish! This page is your mirror, offering a reflective verb chart, opinionated conjugation exercises, engaging games, and sentences that demonstrate parecer in assessments. Share your perspective. Reflect on insights with Spanish verbs. View your thoughts with our parecer conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to seem, to appear, to look like

Verb Chart: Parecer Future Tense

A mí

me parecerá

It will seem to me

A nosotros

nos parecerá

It will seem to us

A ti

(Juana, Juan)

te parecerá

It will seem to you

A vosotros

(informal Spain)

os parecerá

It will seem to all of you

A él/ella/Ud.

(Sra./Dr. García)

le parecerá

It will seem to him/her/you

A ellos/ellas/Uds.

les parecerá

It will seem to them/all of you

Parecer Future Tense Practice

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Parecer Future Sentence Examples

1. Me parecerá extraño no ir a la escuela después de graduarme.
It will seem strange to me not to go to school after graduating.
2. ¿Te parecerá bien si cambiamos la fecha de la reunión?
Will it seem okay to you if we change the meeting date?
3. Le parecerá una buena idea viajar juntos.
Traveling together will seem like a good idea to him.
4. Le parecerá difícil al principio aprender a tocar el violín.
Learning to play the violin will seem difficult to her at first.
5. ¿Les parecerá conveniente a ustedes iniciar el proyecto en primavera?
Will it seem convenient to you to start the project in spring?
6. Nos parecerá increíble estar finalmente en París.
Being finally in Paris will seem incredible to us.
7. ¿Os parecerá bien si terminamos el trabajo a distancia? (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Will it seem okay to you if we finish the work remotely?
8. Les parecerá extraño ver la casa vacía después de la mudanza.
Seeing the house empty after the move will seem strange to them.
9. Les parecerá emocionante participar en el concurso de talentos.
Participating in the talent contest will seem exciting to them.
10. ¿Les parecerá útil este nuevo método de enseñanza?
Will this new teaching method seem useful to you?