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Llover Imperfect Tense

Delve into the essence of the verb llover in the Imperfect Tense with our immersive learning page. Explore an extensive verb chart, engage in interactive conjugation exercises, enjoy thematic games, and learn through practical sentences that illustrate llover in various contexts. Our resources are crafted to make learning Spanish both enlightening and enjoyable. Experience the natural flow of Spanish verb conjugation. Also, refine your skills with our focused llover conjugation practice.

Verb Meaning(s): to rain

Verb Chart: Llover Imperfect Tense


It rained (every day)

It used to rain

It was raining

Llover Imperfect Tense Practice

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Imperfect Tense

Llover Imperfect Sentence Examples

1. ¿Llovía mucho en tu ciudad?
Did it rain a lot in your city?
2. En nuestra ciudad llovía cada primavera.
In our city, it used to rain every spring.
3. Siempre llovía durante nuestras vacaciones.
It always rained during our vacations.
4. ¿Llovía cuando fuiste al camping?
Was it raining when you went camping?
5. Cuando yo era niño, llovía los domingos.
When I was a child, it used to rain on Sundays.
6. ¿Cuándo llovía en la montaña?
When did it rain in the mountain?
7. En esa época del año, solía llover por las tardes.
In that time of the year, it used to rain in the afternoons.
8. Llovía cada vez que íbamos a la playa.
It rained every time we went to the beach.
9. En el bosque, llovía frecuentemente.
In the forest, it rained frequently.
10. En nuestra región, llovía poco.
In our region, it rained a little.