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Llevar Future Tense

Carry your Spanish into the Future Tense with llevar and transport your language skills to new levels! This page is your backpack, packed with an essential verb chart, practical conjugation exercises, interactive games, and sentences that demonstrate llevar in action. Pack your learning with experience. Transport your knowledge with Spanish verbs. Load up on llevar at our llevar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to carry, to bring, to wear

Verb Chart: Llevar Future Tense



I will carry



we will carry

(Juana, Juan)


you will carry


(informal Spain)


you all will carry


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you will carry



they/you all will carry

Llevar Future Tense Practice

Multiple Choice Game

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Conjugation Practice

Future Tense

Llevar Future Sentence Examples

1. Yo llevaré mi paraguas por si acaso llueve.
I will take my umbrella in case it rains.
2. ¿Tú llevarás tu cámara para capturar momentos especiales?
Will you take your camera to capture special moments?
3. Él llevará a su hermano menor al parque de atracciones.
He will take his younger brother to the amusement park.
4. Ella llevará las flores a su abuela en el hospital.
She will take flowers to her grandmother in the hospital.
5. Usted llevará el documento al jefe antes del almuerzo, ¿verdad?
You will take the document to the boss before lunch, right?
6. Nosotros llevaremos abrigos por si la temperatura baja durante el viaje.
We will take coats in case the temperature drops during the trip.
7. Vosotros llevaréis la cuenta de los gastos del viaje. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
You will keep track of the travel expenses.
8. Ellos llevarán a cabo el proyecto con la ayuda de un mentor.
They will carry out the project with the help of a mentor.
9. Ellas llevarán a sus hijos a clases de música los sábados.
They will take their children to music classes on Saturdays.
10. ¿Ustedes llevarán regalos a la fiesta de cumpleaños?
Will you take gifts to the birthday party?