Gustar Imperfect Tense

Develop a liking for the verb gustar in the Imperfect Tense with our interactive learning page. Delve into an extensive verb chart, engage in engaging conjugation exercises, play enjoyable games, and study practical sentences that demonstrate the use of gustar in daily conversation. Our resources are designed to make learning Spanish both effective and fun. Like the idea of mastering Spanish verb conjugation. Also, enhance your proficiency with our focused gustar conjugation practice.

Verb Meaning(s): to like, to please

Verb Chart: Gustar Imperfect Tense

A mí

me gustaba

I liked (weekly)
I used to like
I was liking

A nosotros

nos gustaba

we liked (on Thursdays)
we used to like
we were liking

A ti

(Juana, Juan)

te gustaba

you liked (daily)
you used to like
you were liking

A vosotros

(informal Spain)

os gustaba

you all liked (frequently)
you all used to like
you all were liking

A él/ella/Ud.

(Sra./Dr. García)

le gustaba

he/she/you liked (sometimes)
he/she/you used to like
he/she/you were liking

A ellos/ellas/Uds.

les gustaba

they/you (all almost never) liked
they/you all used to like
they/you all were liking

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Imperfect Tense

Gustar Imperfect Sentence Examples

1.¿Te gustaban los helados de chocolate?
Did you like chocolate ice creams?
2.A nosotros nos gustaban los juegos al aire libre.
We used to like outdoor games.
3.A él le gustaban los libros de aventuras.
He liked adventure books every time.
4.¿A ellas les gustaban las películas de ciencia ficción?
Were they liking science fiction movies?
5.A mí me gustaban las clases de arte.
I used to like art classes.
6.¿Cuándo te gustaban los conciertos de rock?
When did you like rock concerts?
7.En esos años, me gustaban los deportes extremos.
In those years, I was liking extreme sports.
8.A vosotros os gustaban las fiestas de cumpleaños.
You all used to like birthday parties.
9.A ellos les gustaban los videojuegos frecuentemente.
They liked video games frequently.
10.A ustedes les gustaban las excursiones en la montaña.
You were liking mountain trips.