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Doler Present Perfect Tense

Experience the Present Perfect Tense with the Spanish verb doler. Our page offers a unique approach to mastering ‘doler’, featuring an extensive verb chart, interactive conjugation practices, amusing games, and practical sentences. Deepen your understanding of Spanish verbs at Spanish verb conjugation. Also, perfect your practice with ‘doler’ conjugations at doler conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to hurt, to ache

Verb Chart: Doler Present Perfect Tense

A mí

me ha dolido

It has hurt me

A nosotros

nos ha dolido

It has hurt us

A ti

(Juana, Juan)

te ha dolido

It has hurt you

A vosotros

(informal Spain)

os ha dolido

It has hurt all of you

A él/ella/Ud.

(Sra./Dr. García)

le ha dolido

It has hurt him/her/you

A ellos/ellas/Uds.

les ha dolido

It has hurt them/all of you

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Doler Present Perfect Sentence Examples

1. A mí me ha dolido la cabeza después de estudiar mucho.
I have had a headache after studying a lot.
2. ¿A ti te ha dolido el estómago alguna vez?
Have you ever had a stomachache?
3. A él le ha dolido el brazo después de jugar al tenis.
His arm has hurt after playing tennis.
4. A ella le ha dolido la garganta esta mañana.
Her throat has been sore this morning.
5. ¿A usted le ha dolido la espalda después de levantar pesas?
Has your back hurt after lifting weights?
6. A nosotros nos ha dolido los pies después de caminar tanto.
Our feet have hurt after walking so much.
7. ¿A vosotros os ha dolido la cabeza después de la fiesta? (vosotros is used only in Spain)
Have you all had a headache after the party?
8. A ellos les ha dolido las manos de tanto escribir.
Their hands have hurt from writing so much.
9. A ellas les ha dolido las rodillas después de correr.
Their knees have hurt after running.
10. ¿A ustedes les ha dolido los ojos de mirar la pantalla tanto tiempo?
Have your eyes hurt from looking at the screen for so long?