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Despertarse Present Tense

Wake up to the nuances of “despertarse” in Spanish! Learn this reflexive verb in the present tense through our interactive chart, exercises, and real-life examples. “Despertarse” becomes an essential part of your daily routine in Spanish. For a full verb experience, visit Spanish conjugation. Dive into the details of despertarse conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to wake up

Verb Chart: Despertarse Present Tense


me despierto

I wake up
I do wake up
I am waking up


nos despertamos

we wake up
we do wake up
we are waking up

(Juana, Juan)

te despiertas

you wake up
you do wake up
you are waking up


(informal Spain)

os despertáis

you all wake up
you all do wake up
you all are waking up


(Sra./Dr. García)

se despierta

he/she/you wake up
he/she/you do wake up
he/she/you are waking up


se despiertan

they/you all wake up
they/you all do wake up
they/you all are waking up

Despertarse Present Tense Practice

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Despertarse Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo me despierto antes del amanecer.
I wake up before dawn.
2. ¿Tú te despiertas con el sol?
Do you wake up with the sun?
3. Él se despierta al oír el despertador.
He wakes up when he hears the alarm clock.
4. Nosotros nos despertamos y hacemos ejercicio.
We wake up and exercise.
5. Vosotros os despertáis tarde los domingos. (Used only in Spain)
You all wake up late on Sundays.
6. Ellas se despiertan temprano para estudiar.
They wake up early to study.
7. Ustedes se despiertan y preparan café.
You all wake up and make coffee.
8. ¿Se despierta él con música?
Does he wake up to music?
9. ¿Se despierta ella con ganas de trabajar?
Does she wake up feeling like working?
10. Se despiertan emocionados por el viaje.
They wake up excited for the trip.