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Costar Subjunctive Tense

Understand the nuances of expressing cost or difficulty with costar in the Subjunctive Tense, through comprehensive learning resources. Evaluate your knowledge at our costar conjugation page and invest in more learning with our Spanish conjugation exploration.

Verb Meaning(s): to cost, to be difficult

Verb Chart: Costar Subjunctive Tense

A mí

me cueste

(So that) it costs me

A nosotros

nos cueste

(So that) it costs us

A ti

(Juana, Juan)

te cueste

(So that) it costs you

A vosotros

(informal Spain)

os cueste

(So that) it costs all of you

A él/ella/Ud.

(Sra./Dr. García)

le cueste

(So that) it costs him/her/you

A ellos/ellas/Uds.

les cueste

(So that) it costs them/all of you

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Costar Subjunctive Sentence Examples

1. Espero que no me cueste aprender este nuevo idioma.
I hope learning this new language doesn’t cost me too much effort.
2. Es importante que a ti te cueste menos hacer amigos.
It’s important that making friends costs you less effort.
3. Quiero que a él le cueste entender que necesita cambiar.
I want him to find it hard to understand that he needs to change.
4. Deseo que a ella no le cueste tanto trabajo encontrar empleo.
I wish finding a job doesn’t cost her so much effort.
5. Es bueno que a usted le cueste decidir cuándo hay muchas opciones buenas.
It’s good that it’s hard for you to decide when there are many good options.
6. Ojalá que a nosotros no nos cueste mantenernos en forma.
Hopefully, staying in shape doesn’t cost us too much effort.
7. Prefiero que a vosotros os cueste menos adaptaros a la universidad. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
I prefer that adapting to university costs you less effort.
8. Es vital que a ellos no les cueste compartir sus sentimientos.
It’s vital that sharing their feelings doesn’t cost them too much.
9. Quiero que a ellas les cueste menos superar sus miedos.
I want overcoming their fears to cost them less effort.
10. Sugiero que a ustedes no les cueste trabajar en equipo.
I suggest that working as a team doesn’t cost you too much effort.