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Costar Imperfect Tense

Explore the nuances of the verb costar in the Imperfect Tense with our engaging learning page. Delve into a detailed verb chart, participate in interactive conjugation exercises, enjoy fun games, and learn practical sentences that use costar in everyday conversations. Our resources are crafted to make learning Spanish both effective and enjoyable. Understand the value of Spanish verb conjugation. Also, take your skills to the next level with our focused costar conjugation practice.

Verb Meaning(s): to cost

Verb Chart: Costar Imperfect Tense

A mí

me costaba

It cost me (weekly)
It used to cost me
It was costing me

A nosotros

nos costaba

It cost us (on Thursdays)
It used to cost us
It was costing us

A ti

(Juana, Juan)

te costaba

It cost you (daily)
It used to cost you
It was costing you

A vosotros

(informal Spain)

os costaba

It cost all of you (frequently)
It used to cost all of you
It was costing all of you

A él/ella/Ud.

(Sra./Dr. García)

le costaba

It cost him/her/you (sometimes)
It used to cost him/her/you
It was costing him/her/you

A ellos/ellas/Uds.

les costaba

It (never) cost them/all of you
It used to cost them/all of you
It was costing them/all of you

Costar Imperfect Tense Practice

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Imperfect Tense

Costar Imperfect Sentence Examples

1. A mí me costaba levantarme temprano para la escuela.
I found it hard to get up early for school.
2. ¿Te costaba entender las matemáticas?
Did you find it difficult to understand mathematics?
3. A él le costaba recordar las fechas de historia.
He had trouble remembering historical dates.
4. A ella le costaba mucho hacer amigos nuevos.
She found it very hard to make new friends.
5. ¿Le costaba a usted aprender idiomas?
Did you find it hard to learn languages?
6. A nosotros nos costaba decidir qué película ver.
We found it hard to decide which movie to watch.
7. ¿Os costaba a vosotros terminar los deberes a tiempo?
Did you find it hard to finish your homework on time? (used only in Spain)
8. A ellos les costaba mucho mantener su cuarto ordenado.
They had a lot of trouble keeping their room tidy.
9. A ellas les costaba seguir una dieta equilibrada.
They found it hard to follow a balanced diet.
10. ¿Les costaba a ustedes levantarse para el entrenamiento matutino?
Did you find it hard to get up for morning training?