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Contar Present Tense

Count on “contar” to enhance your Spanish! This page is your gateway to mastering “contar” in the present tense, featuring a verb chart, engaging games, and real-world sentences. “Contar” becomes an integral part of your Spanish language toolkit. Dive into more verbs at Spanish conjugation. Explore contar conjugation in depth on our site.

Verb Meaning(s): to count, to tell

Verb Chart: Contar Present Tense



I tell
I do tell
I am telling



we tell
we do tell
we are telling

(Juana, Juan)


you tell
you do tell
you are telling


(informal Spain)


you all tell
you all do tell
you all are telling


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you tell
he/she/you do tell
he/she/you are telling



they/you all tell
they/you all do tell
they/you all are telling

Contar Present Tense Practice

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Contar Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo cuento las estrellas en el cielo.
I count the stars in the sky.
2. ¿Tú cuentas chistes en las fiestas?
Do you tell jokes at parties?
3. Él cuenta una historia interesante.
He tells an interesting story.
4. Nosotros contamos los días para las vacaciones.
We count the days until the vacation.
5. Vosotros contáis con buenos amigos. (Used only in Spain)
You all count on good friends.
6. Ellas cuentan los pasos que caminan cada día.
They count the steps they walk each day.
7. Ustedes cuentan anécdotas en la reunión.
You all tell anecdotes at the meeting.
8. ¿Cuenta él su dinero después de trabajar?
Does he count his money after working?
9. ¿Cuenta ella las calorías que él consume?
Does she count the calories that he consumes?
10. Cuentan con recursos limitados para el proyecto.
They count on limited resources for the project.