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Conseguir Commands

Dive into conseguir Commands in the Imperative mood. This is a powerful verb for achieving goals or obtaining objects in Spanish. Understand its significance in personal and professional growth. Aim higher with Spanish conjugation. Achieve your objectives by visiting our conseguir conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to get, to obtain, manage, gain

Verb Chart: Conseguir Commands




let’s get


(Juana, Juan)

consigue; no consigas

get; don’t get


(informal Spain)

conseguid; no consigáis

(you all) get; (you all) don’t get


(Sra./Dr. García)


(you) get



(you all) get

*Only Tú, and Vosotros change in the negative form. The other conjugations are the same in the negative.

Conseguir Commands Practice

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Conseguir Commands Sentence Examples

1. Tú: Consigue un buen diccionario para mejorar tu vocabulario.
Get a good dictionary to improve your vocabulary.
2. Tú: No consigas excusas para no hacer tu tarea.
Do not find excuses for not doing your homework.
3. Ud.: Consiga experiencia profesional haciendo pasantías.
Gain professional experience by doing internships.
4. Ud.: No consiga solo lo mínimo necesario; aspire a más.
Do not just achieve the bare minimum; aspire for more.
5. Nosotros: Consigamos terminar el proyecto antes del plazo.
Let’s manage to finish the project before the deadline.
6. Nosotros: No consigamos distraernos con facilidad.
Let’s not get easily distracted.
7. Vosotros: Conseguid entradas para el concierto antes de que se agoten.
Get tickets for the concert before they sell out.
8. Vosotros: No consigáis perder el tiempo en cosas sin importancia.
Do not end up wasting time on unimportant things.
9. Uds.: Consigan mejorar sus habilidades comunicativas.
Manage to improve your communication skills.
10. Uds.: No consigan acostumbrarse a la mediocridad.
Do not get used to mediocrity.