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Conocer Subjunctive Tense

Deepen your ability to talk about knowing people or places with conocer in the Subjunctive Tense, featuring comprehensive resources for effective learning. Get acquainted with more at our conocer conjugation page and enhance your verb knowledge with our Spanish conjugation guide.

Verb Meaning(s): to know (people or places), to be acquainted with

Verb Chart: Conocer Subjunctive Tense



(So that) I know



(So that) we know

(Juana, Juan)


(So that) you know


(informal Spain)


(So that) you all know


(Sra./Dr. García)


(So that) he/she/you know



(So that) they/you all know

Conocer Subjunctive Tense Practice

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Subjunctive Tense

Conocer Subjunctive Sentence Examples

1. Espero que yo conozca a nuevos amigos este año.
I hope I meet new friends this year.
2. Es bueno que tú conozcas otras culturas.
It’s good that you get to know other cultures.
3. Deseo que él conozca el éxito en su carrera.
I wish he experiences success in his career.
4. Quiero que ella conozca el mundo a través de sus viajes.
I want her to know the world through her travels.
5. Es importante que usted conozca sus derechos como consumidor.
It’s important that you know your rights as a consumer.
6. Ojalá que nosotros conozcamos lugares increíbles durante nuestras vacaciones.
Hopefully, we discover amazing places during our vacation.
7. Prefiero que vosotros conozcáis la historia local de nuestra ciudad. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
I prefer that you all learn about our city’s local history.
8. Es crucial que ellos conozcan las últimas tendencias en tecnología.
It’s crucial that they keep up with the latest technology trends.
9. Quiero que ellas conozcan el valor de la solidaridad.
I want them to understand the value of solidarity.
10. Sugiero que ustedes conozcan diferentes opiniones antes de formar la suya.
I suggest that you familiarize yourselves with different opinions before forming your own.