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Cocinar Commands

Master cocinar Commands in the Imperative mood with our comprehensive tools, perfect for culinary enthusiasts looking to blend language and cooking. Learn its essential role in describing kitchen activities. Explore Spanish verbs. Enhance your cooking vocabulary at our cocinar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to cook

Verb Chart: Cocinar Commands




let’s cook


(Juana, Juan)

cocina; no cocines

cook; don’t cook


(informal Spain)

cocinad; no cocinéis

(you all) cook; (you all) don’t cook


(Sra./Dr. García)


(you) cook



(you all) cook

*Only Tú, and Vosotros change in the negative form. The other conjugations are the same in the negative.

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Cocinar Commands Sentence Examples

1. Tú: Cocina algo saludable para cenar.
Cook something healthy for dinner.
2. Tú: No cocines solo comida rápida.
Do not cook only fast food.
3. Ud.: Cocine con ingredientes frescos.
Cook with fresh ingredients.
4. Ud.: No cocine platos complicados si es principiante.
Do not cook complicated dishes if you are a beginner.
5. Nosotros: Cocinemos juntos este fin de semana.
Let’s cook together this weekend.
6. Nosotros: No cocinemos tarde en la noche.
Let’s not cook late at night.
7. Vosotros: Cocinad vuestras especialidades para la fiesta.
Cook your specialties for the party.
8. Vosotros: No cocinéis con mucho aceite.
Do not cook with too much oil.
9. Uds.: Cocinen platos variados para la cena.
Cook varied dishes for dinner.
10. Uds.: No cocinen solo para ustedes, compartan con los demás.
Do not cook only for yourselves, share with others.