Caerse Subjunctive Tense

Grasp the concept of falling or slipping with caerse in the Subjunctive Tense, supported by visual aids, interactive tasks, and practical uses. Strengthen your grasp of caerse at our caerse conjugation page and explore more at Spanish conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to fall down, to fall over

Verb Chart: Caerse Subjunctive Tense


me caiga

(So that) I fall


nos caigamos

(So that) we fall

(Juana, Juan)

te caigas

(So that) you fall


(informal Spain)

os caigáis

(So that) you all fall


(Sra./Dr. García)

se caiga

(So that) he/she/you fall


se caigan

(So that) they/you all fall

Caerse Subjunctive Tense Practice

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Subjunctive Tense

Caerse Subjunctive Sentence Examples

1. Es raro que yo me caiga cuando camino con cuidado.
It’s rare that I fall when I walk carefully.
2. No quiero que tú te caigas haciendo skate.
I don’t want you to fall while skateboarding.
3. Es importante que él se caiga y aprenda de sus errores.
It’s important that he falls and learns from his mistakes.
4. Espero que ella se caiga menos mientras aprende a patinar.
I hope she falls less while learning to skate.
5. Prefiero que usted se caiga en la cuenta de sus verdaderas pasiones.
I prefer that you come to realize your true passions.
6. Ojalá que nosotros nos caigamos bien a las personas en la nueva escuela.
Hopefully, we make a good impression on people at the new school.
7. Deseo que vosotros os caigáis bien con vuestros compañeros de equipo. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
I wish that you all get along well with your teammates.
8. Es bueno que ellos se caigan en la cuenta de la importancia de estudiar.
It’s good that they realize the importance of studying.
9. Quiero que ellas se caigan bien entre sí para fortalecer la amistad.
I want them to get along well with each other to strengthen the friendship.
10. Es importante que ustedes se caigan bien con los nuevos vecinos.
It’s important that you make a good impression on the new neighbors.
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