Buscar Subjunctive Tense

Navigate the complexities of seeking or searching with buscar in the Subjunctive Tense, through comprehensive charts and engaging activities. Expand your vocabulary at our buscar conjugation page and refine your skills with our Spanish conjugation guide.

Verb Meaning(s): to look for, to search

Verb Chart: Buscar Subjunctive Tense



(So that) I search



(So that) we search

(Juana, Juan)


(So that) you search


(informal Spain)


(So that) you all search


(Sra./Dr. García)


(So that) he/she/you search



(So that) they/you all search

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Subjunctive Tense

Buscar Subjunctive Sentence Examples

1. Es crucial que yo busque un nuevo hobby.
It’s crucial that I look for a new hobby.
2. Quiero que tú busques información para el proyecto.
I want you to look for information for the project.
3. Es importante que él busque ayuda si se siente sobrepasado.
It’s important that he looks for help if he feels overwhelmed.
4. Espero que ella busque su pasión y la siga.
I hope she looks for her passion and follows it.
5. Deseo que usted busque oportunidades de voluntariado.
I wish you look for volunteering opportunities.
6. Ojalá que nosotros busquemos una solución juntos.
Hopefully, we look for a solution together.
7. Prefiero que vosotros busquéis un lugar tranquilo para estudiar. (vosotros is used only in Spain)
I prefer that you all look for a quiet place to study.
8. Es vital que ellos busquen equilibrio entre el trabajo y la vida personal.
It’s vital that they look for a balance between work and personal life.
9. Quiero que ellas busquen la felicidad en las pequeñas cosas.
I want them to look for happiness in the small things.
10. Sugiero que ustedes busquen más información antes de tomar una decisión.
I suggest that you look for more information before making a decision.
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