Buscar Preterite Tense

Embark on a journey with the Spanish Preterite Tense through the verb buscar. Our comprehensive page includes a detailed conjugation chart, engaging verb games, and everyday sentences featuring buscar. Enhance your Spanish vocabulary and use buscar effectively in your daily interactions. Learn more about Spanish verbs at Spanish verb conjugation. Perfect your buscar conjugations on our dedicated buscar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to search, to look for

Verb Chart: Buscar Preterite Tense



I searched



we searched

(Juana, Juan)


you searched


(informal Spain)


you all searched


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you searched



they/you all searched

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Preterite Tense

Buscar Preterite Sentence Examples

1. Ayer busqué mis llaves durante horas.
Yesterday, I looked for my keys for hours.
2. ¿Buscaste tu mochila en la clase?
Did you look for your backpack in the classroom?
3. Él buscó un buen libro en la biblioteca.
He looked for a good book in the library.
4. Ella buscó un regalo para su madre.
She looked for a gift for her mother.
5. ¿Buscó Ud. la dirección en el mapa?
Did you look for the address on the map?
6. Nosotros buscamos un lugar para acampar.
We looked for a place to camp.
7. ¿Buscaron ellos ayuda con el proyecto?
Did they look for help with the project?
8. Las chicas buscaron una tienda de ropa barata.
The girls looked for a cheap clothing store.
9. ¿Buscaron Uds. un restaurante abierto anoche?
Did you all look for an open restaurant last night?
10. Vosotros buscasteis información para el trabajo de historia.
You all (Spain) looked for information for the history assignment.