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Bailar Commands

Unlock the rhythm of bailar Commands in the Imperative mood with our vibrant learning tools. Grasp how bailar spices up conversations, essential for any Spanish speaker. Dive into Spanish verbs. Hone your conjugation techniques on our bailar conjugation page.

Verb Meaning(s): to dance

Verb Chart: Bailar Commands




let’s dance


(Juana, Juan)

baila; no bailes

dance; don’t dance


(informal Spain)

bailad; no bailéis

(you all) dance; (you all) don’t dance


(Sra./Dr. García)


(you) dance



(you all) dance

*Only Tú, and Vosotros change in the negative form. The other conjugations are the same in the negative.

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Bailar Commands Sentence Examples

1. Tú: Baila en la fiesta de graduación.
Dance at the graduation party.
2. Tú: No bailes en lugares peligrosos.
Do not dance in dangerous places.
3. Ud.: Baile en el recital de mañana.
Dance at tomorrow’s recital.
4. Ud.: No baile si se siente mal.
Do not dance if you feel sick.
5. Nosotros: Bailemos en el festival escolar.
Let’s dance at the school festival.
6. Nosotros: No bailemos si no hay música.
Let’s not dance if there is no music.
7. Vosotros: Bailad en la competencia de danza.
Dance in the dance competition.
8. Vosotros: No bailéis con zapatos rotos.
Do not dance with broken shoes.
9. Uds.: Bailen en la celebración de fin de año.
Dance at the end-of-year celebration.
10. Uds.: No bailen cerca del borde del escenario.
Do not dance near the edge of the stage.