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Asistir Present Tense

Embark on a linguistic journey with “asistir” and its nuances in Spanish. Our page makes mastering this verb in the present tense a joy, with interactive charts, games, and sentence examples. Incorporate “asistir” into your daily Spanish conversations. For more insights, visit Spanish conjugation. Dive into the world of asistir conjugation.

Verb Meaning(s): to attend, to assist

Verb Chart: Asistir Present Tense



I attend
I do attend
I am attending



we attend
we do attend
we are attending

(Juana, Juan)


you attend
you do attend
you are attending


(informal Spain)


you all attend
you all do attend
you all are attending


(Sra./Dr. García)


he/she/you attend
he/she/you do attend
he/she/you are attending



they/you all attend
they/you all do attend
they/you all are attending

Asistir Present Tense Practice

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Asistir Present Sentence Examples

1. Yo asisto a un seminario de negocios.
I attend a business seminar.
2. ¿Tú asistes a clases de yoga?
Do you attend yoga classes?
3. Él asiste a la universidad en Madrid.
He attends university in Madrid.
4. Nosotros asistimos a un concierto el fin de semana.
We attend a concert this weekend.
5. Vosotros asistís a una conferencia. (Used only in Spain)
You all attend a conference.
6. Ellas asisten a un taller de arte.
They attend an art workshop.
7. Ustedes asisten a reuniones importantes en el trabajo.
You all attend important meetings at work.
8. ¿Asiste él a clases de inglés?
Does he attend English classes?
9. ¿Asiste ella a la feria del libro?
Does she attend the book fair?
10. Asisten a una boda este sábado.
They attend a wedding this Saturday.